Yesterday I installed a central Git repository server for storing all configuration files from our Linux servers. Every /etc directory is now observed by Git (and etckeeper). Each of these servers pushes the changes from the local master branch to the central repository. Authentication is done via public/private key authentication.
Btw: Do you know the Match User section in sshd_config to set specific SSH server setting bound to the given user?

One of our main servers is running Citrix XenServer 5.5 (based on CentOS 5.5) which should be observed by Git too. To do so, you have to do the following steps (assuming you are running on 32 Bit platform):

rpm -hiv perl-DBI-1.52-2.el5.i386.rpm
rpm -hiv --nodeps perl-Git- # cross dependency between git and perl-Git, use --nodeps
rpm -hiv git-

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