Knowing how the software development business works.

The software development industry is fascinating. There are so many topics to cover but so little time. Being in the business for more than twenty years I have worked in different roles as a software developer, consultant, trainer and manager. For my customers I am the contact person for strategic questions in software development projects and products, automation of software development, providing exceptionally good documentation and fixing the weird stuff.

  • My specialization in software marketplaces and Continuous Deployment has been manifested in the idea of dreitier and our product ninkik. I am a strong believer of software products and want to give every software developer the opportunity to make money with their favorite side project, hopefully turning into a product.
  • As a trainer for Fachinformatiker – this is the official training for software developers and system administrators here in Germany – I have experienced first hand the need for good ER diagram exercises. With I am providing an e-mail course with weekly database modelling exercises.

Aside from the typical stuff inside the Java and PHP world, I am a long-time user of Xtext, interested in the AWS ecosystem and love writing about my experiences in the software development industry in my Blog.

Working with me

There are two types of gigs I am available for: On the tactical level I am advising in software architecture decisions and hunting the weird bugs: Problems, which are not so easy to identify on any of the layers of your application.

For CEO and CTOs I am advising in strategic questions in the software development industry: Feasibility of an idea, defining requirements, dealing with problems during the software development process etc.

Drop me a line if you think we can be a good match.

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