Arrrr - I am a pirate!


In my professional life I have worked for medium-sized companies as a consultant for software development projects, software architectures and software development lifecycle. During this time, I have successfully supervised more than a dozen trainees in their training as Fachinformatiker*in Anwendungsentwicklung.

For me, the link between software development, infrastructure, operations and automation has always been important. That’s why I was involved early on in the architecture of cloud-based environments and troubleshooting software during operation.

Since 2022, I have been working in our own company, dreitier GmbH. We are specialized in Continuous Architecture and Software Delivery.


In my spare time I am doing athletics. I did a lot of bouldering, swimming, and biking. Since the birth of my daughter I am all-in with running and Freeletics. My guitar skills are not as good as my cooking skills, however I am having fun playing guitar.

Core values

Honesty and sincerity – “No bullshit” policy

Getting to know me means to be getting confronted with – at times – brutal honesty. During the years I’ve seen a lot of professionals trying to sell useless stuff to potential customers. I am not trying to pretend to be a salesman. As a technican it’s my obligation to improve the customer’s situation and not to sell bullshit. This also means that I’ll question decisions which have been already made.


My loyality belongs to the team I am working with on a daily basis. I’ve realized that the company as an employer is just the hull and legal framework – for people who are sharing mostly the same set of values and interests. Having a team I’ve fully trust in and always can rely on is priceless.


Taking responsibility means I am standing in front of the decisions and statements I have made or my team has made. You can expect me to say “Sorry”, taking the blame and doing my best to resolve the issue.


I love working with people who share the same amount of passion as I do. As a trainee teacher and dad of a daughter it’s one of the most amazing things to see younger ones growing with their challenges. I am being there for them to give the advice and help they need to succeed. The same is true for the relationship with my customers.

Continuous improvement

As a technician I am always trying to improve things. In the past I’ve learned that is not always necessary to develop new software but to describe existing processes and talk to people. Besides the technical part I am heavily interested in business processes and decisions.


Structured is not a typical core value but describes my inner thinking at best: I am trying to organize, sort and structure things and processes all the time. Being able to draw requirements as UML or database schemata during a talk in front of my inner eye is a blessing and cursing at the same time.

Social media

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