Last Saturday our second Hackcamp Wolfsburg in 2014 took place. In the run-up to the Hackcamp I had suggested to use the NeosIT office as the event location. @stevenschwenke agreed to that and so I prepared our office on Friday evening. Before the event I expected a team programming session but in the end I explained (too?) much about the Spring Framework and showed samples, use cases and technical approaches to solve different problems with the framework.

Nevertheless it was an enjoyable circle consisting of Steven, Karsten, Sven, Nikolai, Daniel, Kevin, Tobse and me. Besides the usual software development topics we talked about TV series and net political issues. For lunch time we had ordered pizza and Steven bought a lot of juice and fruit. And certainly we had a lot of Club Mate available.

I am really looking forward to the next Hackcamp in 2015 – thank you for the participation and patience 😉

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