WSUS: Moving from Windows Internal Database to external SQL Server 2008 and receiving “Token-based server access validation failed with an infrastructure error”

Today I had to move the WSUS internal database to one of our backend database servers. Microsoft has a good instruction how to do this, nevertheless I ran into a problem.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 did not allow me to add the machine account of our WSUS frontend server (let me call it WSUS-SRV), so I created a new Active Directory security group called WSUS Administrators containing the WSUS-SRV machine account. This security group I gave the permission to access the database.

After starting the IIS Admin Service and Update Services the database backend server showed the error Token-based server access validation failed with an infrastructure error (event-id 18456). Oops.
One workaround  would have been to disable the UAC ( Not a solution I was very keen about.

I fixed the problem by creating a local security group on the database server and adding the maching account of WSUS-SRV into it.

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