Side Projects

All of my side projects are open source and can be found on GitHub. Older projects are although located on Sourceforge.

  • backmon: Monitoring and purging of scheduled backups; Java, Spring Boot
  • towline (private ATM): Monitoring solution to track transactions and connected jobs across distributed environments; Java, Spring Boot
  • monitord: POCSAG and ZVEI monitoring software. I am not the project owner but integrated ActiveMQ into it; C++-stuff.
  • Bluvert: a Bluetooth advertising application written in Python 2.4
  • ADUaCET: managing your Active Directory profile image with an extension tab inside your MMC. Written in .NET 3.5 with usage of COM
  • Various patches for Apache modules (mod_auth_sspi, mod_auth_sspi, mod_ssl) to make it work with the Active Directory. C-stuff.
  • etqw-openranked – an open source ranking server for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. C++, Java and Protobuf
  • node-usb – libusb abstraction layer for node.js for controlling your USB device with node.js; no longer maintained. C++, V8, libusb

Comments ( 2 )

  1. / ReplyLutz
    Hi Schakko, versuche, Dein node-usb zu nutzen. assert.doesNotThrow(function() { instance.setDebugLevel(0); }); console.log("...3..."); var devices = instance.get_devices(); console.log("...4..."); der Code geht vor ...4... ohne assert-Meldungen ins Nirvana. Any ideas? node 4.11, mac osx 10.6.8 Danke Lutz
  2. / ReplySchakko
    Ich habe dir mal auf geantwortet.

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