This is an incomplete list with some of my projects and products.


One topic I am teaching my trainees extensively is ER schema/database modelling. Aside from the fact that it’s relevant for their final training exam, modelling database schemas is highly relevant for the job as a software developer (in spite of ORMs, NoSQL database and so on). Because I’ve been very unhappy with the availability of different database modelling exercises, I started It’s a simple e-mail course with a fresh new ER modelling exercise every week. For a small buck, you receive detailed solutions for the exercises.

I am also trying to publish solutions of the official ER diagram exercises inside the final IHK Fachinformatiker exam on my YouTube channel. is a niche website about bandwidths and throughputs. I’ve started it after getting a little bit more in touch with SEO stuff in 2019. It has been based upon Laravel in the first place but I’ve migrated it to WordPress due to i18n reasons. The whole WordPress instance can be deployed with help of Ansible scripts.

From my former employer I’ve took over the website It is a niche website about calculating the Z-value (Z-Wert) for ski bindings. I am using this site primarily for getting to know some SEO and AdSense techniques. In the end of 2019 I rewrote the “backend” to PHP to make it more maintainable.


ZABOS is an SMS alerting tool for fire departments and hospitals. It can read POCSAG messages and automatically alert the corresponding user groups by SMS.

Next Active Directory Integration

In the last years Next Active Directory Integration has been developed into the de-facto standard for connecting WordPress with the Microsoft Active Directory.

Word Template Corrector

The Word Template Corrector is a small tool to automatically fix invalid paths in Word documents (.docx files).

You can directly buy the compiled binaries from Gumroad or read more about it here.

Purchase Word Template Corrector as-is

Side projects

Most of my side projects are open source and can be found on GitHub. Older projects are also located on Sourceforge.

  • backmon is a tool for monitoring and purging of scheduled backups. My colleagues have re-written the whole project to make it work with S3-based backups and Prometheus-Monitoring.
  • towline (private ATM) is a monitoring solution to track transactions and connected jobs across distributed environments; Java, Spring Boot
  • monitord: POCSAG and ZVEI monitoring software. I am not the project owner but have integrated ActiveMQ into it. monitord is used by ZABOS; C++-stuff.
  • Bluvert: a Bluetooth advertising application written in Python 2.4
  • ADUaCET: managing your Active Directory profile image with an extension tab inside your MMC. Written in .NET 3.5 with usage of COM
  • Various patches for Apache modules (mod_auth_sspi, mod_auth_sspi, mod_ssl) to make it work with the Active Directory. C-stuff.
  • etqw-openranked – an open source ranking server for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. C++, Java and Protobuf
  • node-usb – libusb abstraction layer for node.js for controlling your USB device with node.js; no longer maintained. C++, V8, libusb

Professional projects

Due to my place of living in Wolfsburg, Germany, most of my professional work is related to the automotive industry. There has not been the one big project as I’ve mostly supported my colleagues in solving their technical challenges and doing software architecture and strategical stuff. For a few project I did hands-on work.

Cost and application planning tool for data centers

Before AWS has gained traction we’ve developed a web-based tool to plan the costs of applications inside the customer’s data centres. The tool has basically a similar function as AWS’ cost planning and invoicing tool.

Tool for supporting the lessons-learned process

We’ve developed a tool for tracking issues identified during the technical lessons learned process. This has been basically the predecessor of Atlassian’s Jira inside the customer’s department. Most memorable for this project has been the functionality to generate whole Microsoft PowerPoint slides for the management on the fly.


Lutz · September 9, 2011 at 3:57 pm

Hi Schakko,

versuche, Dein node-usb zu nutzen.

assert.doesNotThrow(function() { instance.setDebugLevel(0); });
var devices = instance.get_devices();

der Code geht vor …4… ohne assert-Meldungen ins Nirvana. Any ideas? node 4.11, mac osx 10.6.8

Danke Lutz

Schakko · September 12, 2011 at 9:20 am

Ich habe dir mal auf geantwortet.