Four month ago I decided to start Freeletics for gaining more power in preperation for bouldering and to gain back my sixpack I lost with 16. The first three weeks I had ongoing sore muscles: I did sports every day, switching between running, biking and Freeletics. Thankfully to my self-motivation and the fine weather I never thought about giving up.

After three weeks I tried to motivate some of my friends to join but my attempts were not successful and so I did almost every training on my own. Due to my flexible work time I scheduled most of the training sessions in the morning.

The first time I *really* sweared about Freeletics was during my first Kentauros session in mid September. We had almost still 30°C and I did the workout in the burning sun. I never sweated as much as I did until this workout.

A week later my first hell week started. Three workouts a day sounds like much but the two days pause between the hell days allowed me to regain my power.

After the hell week I changed my location from the parking area of VW Bad and Schillerteich to the parking area right in front of the new Vfl stadium. This place is lighted in the morning and there is enough space for doing sprint sessions. Another location I moved to was our office where I did most of the Hades and MAX sessions excluding Pull-Ups. That said I must admit that Pull-Ups are my nemesis.

One week before my final hell week started, my wife and I had flied to Teneriffa for a one week vacation. I had planned to prepare my hell week during the vacation and took my sport clothes with me. Unfortunately I got a bad cold after three days and so I had to pause the training for more than a week. Considered afterwards during the forced pause my body regained the power I lost in the weeks before and in most of the hellweek workouts I got PBs.

And then the hell week began. 12 workouts on 7 days. During the vacation my sleep pattern had dramatically changed and so I started the first hell week day on 3:30 am in the morning. During the rest of the week I had sleep deprivation. During the night I woke up and thought about the next workout. It was a crazy week with few sleep, only thinking about workouts, light lasting sore muscles and always being hungry. On monday morning at 8 am I started the last three workouts at the Schillerteich. It was gusty, around 3°C cold and I had to defeat Kronos in the first place. The Push-Ups, Situps, Squats and Leg Levers were easy, but …100 Pull-Ups? Half of the time of Kronos I spent doing the Pull-Ups. But it even got worse. After Kronos I had to do two Poseidons. In total 100 Push-Ups and another set of 100 Pull-Ups. My body was full of endorphins during the last 10 Pull-Ups and I finished my first 17 weeks Freeletics with a big smile.

In my opinion it was worth the effort. I don’t have any before/after images but I can assure that my body has visibly changed. All in all it was a crazy experience. I plan to do the MAX workouts during the winter and start again with Freeletics as soon as it is cozy and sunny.

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