Instead of the usual tech stuff I am writing I want to summarize my vacation. Jenny and I started our vacation on the same day. Our first week was consisted of finishing stuff we had lying around in the last months. I did a lot of running, have been bouldering two times in Braunschweig and canoed with one of my workmates.

In the second week we prepared our wedding ceremony. We had a lot of stress on thursday and friday because our supplier of dry ice had not received our order but we got an order confirmation. The dry ice was needed for the ice cream cake. In the end we got it managed and had an awesome ceremony in the Planetarium Wolfsburg. Our friend Sophie was a fantastic wedding speaker. After the ceremony we went to the Awilon: the food was excellent, our inaugural dance was really funny and we partied hard ’til sunday morning. The hangover on sunday was bad, but it was worth them. I was glad that a friend and other relatives of mine I havent seen for a few years joined our wedding day.

On monday in the third week we met again with my friend and his fiancee for dinner It was funny and we are looking forward to their wedding in the next year. A day later I started with sports again and began a new side project, too. The side project is written in old-school PHP and manages sport workouts. On friday I began the first Freeletics workout together with Julian. I was really relieved that my running and climbing sessions of the last months prepared me good enough and so the muscle hangover the next days kept within a limit.

In my last week I did only Freeletics with Tino and Thomas – Julian was unable to continue – and further work on my workout tool. The weather was – like the three weeks before – excellent. Most of the days it has been sunny which motivated me for sports or just relaxing outside.

Wrapping it up:

  • Finished watching Lost. NOW I understand the last season.
  • Prepared and cleaned up the Wolfsburger Ruderregatta
  • Ran 82 kilometers in the four weeks of vacation
  • Canoed on the Allersee with Timo
  • Made delicious cheeseburger with Bison meat
  • Watched Transformers 3 – worst movie for years
  • Watched Drachenzähmen leicht gemacht 1 & 2 – funny!
  • Will never order again ice cake and dry ice
  • Had an awesome wedding ceremony and wedding party with my wife, our family and friends
  • Met one of my friends again after eight years
  • Regained my motivation to do some programming in my spare time
  • Made a Spring MVC/REST architecture template
  • Started writing my workout app in PHP
  • Finished reading Marc Elsberg – Blackout
  • Finished reading Tom Hillenbrand – Drohnenland
  • Started reading Markus Orths – Alpha & Omega
  • Barbecued on some evenings
  • Got a sunburnt belly, brest, arms, legs – but only on the front 😉
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