Going crazy with webOS

Two weeks ago I bought a new Palm Pre Plus. My old HTC Touch Diamond is still fine but I liked the idea of developing mobile device applications with JavaScript. node.js running on webOS was although a very attractive offer 😉

After upgrading to webOS 2.1 and some troubles with various patches (after installation of Advanced System Prefs I failed to call any phone number of my contacts but was able to call any number which was not in the address book) I stumbled upon some very annoying issues which are existent in vanilla webOS 2.1:

  • Calendar has no item for displaying the calendar week nor has a select box for jumping to a specific calendar week. Why?
  • Browser has no proxy support. WTF? I mean: Adding proxy support for applications is not difficult. Two lines of additional code and that’s it. I assume that implementing proxy support for the browser application is not so difficult too. Correct me if I am wrong.
    Instead of defining a proxy server and port in browser settings I have to add a new iptables rule.
    This is not user and administrator friendly. I’d like to see the faces of the employees when they are calling the administrators because of not being able to use HTTP connections through the company proxy: “Uhm yes… please enable Developer Mode, install Preware, then install terminal utilitiy and then execute the following code inside the terminal: ‘iptables…'”
  • I did not enable push e-mail: I am requesting my e-mails the old-school way: I push the “Refresh” button and… nothing. After waiting some seconds and pushing the button 10 more times the icon signals me that something happen. I do not understand: Why do I have to push the button so often? Is it a bug or is there something going on in the background (internet connection is available all the time)? Some user feedback would be nice.
  • One of the first applications I was searching for was a simple guitar tuner. There are so many tuners for Android and iPhone (and even Windows Mobile) out there I assumed it would be easy to find one for webOS. Noor… there is no guitar tuner available for webOS.
    webOS 2.1 has support for accessing the microphone API (MediaCapture API) but is only able to start capturing and end capturing. For some apps like Voice Memo this might be enough, but real-time processing like guitar tuning is not possible.  Okay, that’s not 100% correct: you can take 10 audio samples per second, merge them, analyze them, delete them, take the next 10… Why is there no binary streaming class in Mojo? Anyone?
    Second possibility is to add a wrapper for gstreamer like the guys from webosinternals.org. They developed ZCorder – the first audio recording app for webOS.
    The wrapper must push back the incoming microphone data to the JavaScript application.
    A few days ago I searched the PDK for microphone access. One user of forum thread – sad to say but I do not find the URL see here and somewhere else- asked why calling the SDL_Mixer interface does not provide microphone access. HP answered that there is no native support even in PDK.
  • Two days ago I wanted to extend Marcs GrafZahl for our daily team meeting. Like SCRUM meetings every employee has 2 minutes telling about his last business day. We have four webOS enabled devices so I suggested to synchronize every webOS device running GrafZahl via Bluetooth.
    But there is no documentation to call the webOS Bluetooth discovery dialog for searching new devices (I know that getTrustedDevices() is available but that’s not what I want).
  • Palm plug-in for Eclipse has no native debugger support? Urgh… lovely gdb.
  • Update 2011-05-11 Sometimes my Palm Pre lost the connection to the mobile carrier (o2). I have no possibility to manually reconnect to the mobile carrier. Only solution: restart the whole phone.

Might the flame war start.

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