Fix black screen after installation of nvidia-current on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx / Aspire 5935G

Today afternoon I installed nvidia-current on my Aspire 54935G because I had the intend to dive into CUDA. After the installation via apt-get nvidia-current – I use Ubuntu 10.04 – and a reboot the display only showed the kernel messages. While starting X the screen turned to black and I could not do anything. Strg+Alt+F1 for switching to command line did not work and I was not able to disable the X-Server by using nomodeset or xforcevesa as kernel boot parameter.

After a hard waste formation of cursing I remembered that the Aspire 5935G has a second graphic chip from Intel. I assumed that my problem cohered with the dual use of NVidia and Intel chip.

I switched the Display Adapter BIOS setting to Discrete Graphic, did another reboot and got the default Ubuntu GDM.

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  1. / ReplyKersten
    Yes, that helped me (NVIDIA NVS 3100M, Kubuntu 10.04, running now nvidia proprietary driver).

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