Vor einigen Tagen kam bei Stackoverflow ein Thread über Informatiker-Spüche/Abkürzungen zustande. Hier meine Best-Ofs, die ich zwar auch schon getweetet hatte, aber egal:

  • Spectagular Expression – A cleverly done, very useful regex
  • Worning: it works but with warnings
  • Company Whore – a module or a piece of code, every programmer of the company had it’s fingers on.
  • Doubleton – When it turns out a singleton is just not enough.
  • Natural Selection – The act of replacing someone else’s code with your own
  • JamesBond Interface – contract defined very well, documented… but there’s no real life implementation for it..
  • Pro-gasm – When you love your own code so much you have a programming … well, … you know what.
  • integerize – the process of turning a floating point number into an integer
  • Disaster Driven Development – When Your PMs and salesmen promised that You will build “space shuttle” in one month.
  • Hydra Code – Code that cannot be fixed. One fix causes two new bugs. It should be rewritten.
  • Jenga Code – When the whole thing collapses when you alter a block of code.
  • Protoduction – A prototype that ends up in production.
  • Heisenbug…

Danke für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit.

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