I have learned the last 5 day for business studies and was so bored that I really got happy when I saw the article about a Twitter-Maven-Plugin on entwickler.com yesterday morning.
We still use Ant as building system in our development team so I searched for an Ant task which enables Twitter support. As I did not found any plugin I started to write my own simple task called ant-twitter.


  • Support for URL shortening service bit.ly via bitlyj
  • Support for messages more than 140 characters – the message will be splitted into two or more messages. A small source snippet is taken  from jtwitter – thanks a lot guys!
  • Open source – Apache license
  • It is simple 🙂


I assume you have already installed Ant-1.70 (1.6x should work although) and configured your Ant working environment. I refer to $ANT_LIB$ which is a directory where your Ant installation can found further JARs (should be appended to your classpath).

  • Download needed packages and extract them to $ANT_LIB$:
  • Create a file twitter4j.properties in your classpath ($ANT_LIB$) and paste the following code into it:


After you have installed the needed dependencies and upset your configuration you have to edit your build.xml. Put the following taskdef in top of your build file:

<project name="TwitterTestTask" default="main" basedir=".">
  <taskdef name="twitter" classname="de.ecw.ant.twitter.AntTwitterTask"/>

You are now able to use the twitter task in form of

    <twitter message="Hello World from Ant!" username="twitter-username" password="twitter-password" bitlyUsername="bitly-username" bitlyApiKey="bitly-key" enableBitly="false" />

ant-twitter has the following options:

  • message (required, String): Your Twitter tweet
  • username (required, String): Your Twitter screenname
  • password (required, String): Your Twitter password
  • bitlyUsername (optional, required if enableBitly=true, String): Your bit.ly username
  • bitlyApiKey (optional, required if enableBitly=true, String): Your bit.ly API key
  • enableBitly (optional, true|false): Enable bit.ly support


Christian Pesch · November 20, 2009 at 8:34 am

Nice idea, you have tagged your post with ‘maven’: Do you plan to release a Maven plugin?

Schakko · November 20, 2009 at 7:34 pm

No, I did not plan to release this task as a Maven plug-in.
As far as I know it is possible to use Ant tasks in Maven, so you could use already ant-twitter.

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