Storing user photos in Active Directory

One year ago I talked with the attorney of my confidence about a small tool which should extend the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC for storing and viewing images of users. This task passed out of my mind because of money-making work 😉

Today I extended my TwitterKicker JavaScript/jQuery application and considered about viewing the images of the players. As a pragmatic programmer I was not satisfied by the idea of storing the images manually and assign every image to a user by hand. It would be nice to ask a small webservice by the user image – the user is identified by his or her account name.

So i fired up my Visual Studio – It is a shame that no one ever developed a working image-to-Active-Directory-tool – and got the point: After some time I implemented a standalone proof-of-concept with C#. Tomorrow I will try to integrate the code into MMC snap-in extension. After that I will publish the source and binaries on

Got frickelfactor +1.

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