Patch for mod_auth_sspi

I finished my patch for mod_auth_sspi. With this patch you get the additional directive SSPIUseActiveDirectoryStyle. You must set SSPIOmitDomain to ‘off’ for using it:

# ... httpd.conf
SSPIOmitDomain Off
SSPIUseActiveDirectoryStyle On

If enabled, the REMOTE_USER-variable will store the domain-username combination as $USER@$DOMAIN and not $DOMAIN$USER.
I made this patch, because I am currently working on a seamleas authentication integration for Mediawiki and the extension Auth_remoteuser.
The developers of mod_auth_sspi are contacted and I hope the patch will be accepted.

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    One remark: the precompiled module is for Apache 2.0.xx (linked against Apache 2.0.51).

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